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Dr. Lisa Yeung is a physician and medical director turned Integrative Coach and speaker. Her unconventional path has been shaped by her personal journey of self-discovery and healing through the various life challenges she has risen above.

Growing up in an all-white neighborhood, helping her Chinese immigrant parents at their restaurant, Lisa faced bullying, racism, poverty, abuse, and trauma. Not only did she transform these early challenges into strength, resilience, and determination, she also channeled them into a relentless work ethic that propelled her to achieve highly at every level.

Lisa was the first in her family to attend college and a National Merit Scholar who graduated from a top medical school. During her residency training, Lisa was faced with a series of unexpected life challenges, including being diagnosed with a rare medical condition. Despite this, she continued to prioritize hard work, achievement and others’ needs over her own…until she eventually found herself completely depleted and burned out. Realizing that something needed to change, Lisa embarked on a journey of self-discovery and personal development that led to a deep healing and changed her life forever.

While serving on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic as one of the nation’s youngest medical directors, Lisa realized the power of the wisdom, skills and experience she gained from her personal transformation. Not only did they enable her to be a more effective and powerful leader, she also used them to help support and guide her patients, colleagues and staff through the global crisis. Feeling called to share her unique experience and expertise, Lisa left conventional medicine to make an even bigger difference in the world.

Now, Lisa uses her unique skillset and expertise to help leaders and organizations all over the world through her speaking, training programs and coaching. Her innovative approach integrates conventional and alternative modalities and bridges the scientific and spiritual worlds to get to the root of challenges keeping people stuck and preventing them from achieving their greatest potential and experiencing optimal wellness. Lisa’s proprietary frameworks and approaches have helped countless leaders step into their truest selves and highest purpose, enabling them to live their best lives and leave a lasting impact on the world.


Better Than Logic: How To Make Your Most Important Decisions


Journey to TEDx Wilmington
Pre Interview

Journey to TEDx Wilmington
Post Interview

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Why Inspire Your Audience with Dr. Lisa Yeung

Clients’ Experience

Dr. Lisa Yeung is a powerful and inspiring speaker who has impacted individuals and organizations around the world. Her speaking style, both heartfelt and empowering, resonates deeply with audiences and offers not just inspiration but also practical roadmaps to personal and professional growth and success.

What truly sets Dr. Yeung apart is her unique blend of expertise that integrates medical and alternative modalities and seamlessly bridges the scientific and spiritual worlds. This, in addition to her personal journey of rising above extraordinary challenges and her leadership experience on the frontlines of the pandemic, allows her to offer audiences a rich and multifaceted perspective that is distinctly her own.

With Dr. Yeung, you are not just getting a speaker. You are inviting a catalyst for change who embodies the transformative journey she advocates and a professional with the expertise and experience to effectively guide others on their paths to success and fulfillment. Her story, her expertise, and her integrative approach to wellness make her a standout choice for any event seeking to inspire, empower, and provide its audience with actionable strategies for success.

Top Talks by Dr. Lisa Yeung

  1. Commitment Management: How to Have It All Without Losing Yourself 
  2. Radical Self Care: How to Nurture and Experience Optimal Wellness 
  3. Stress Relief Secrets: How to Avoid the Top 5 Mistakes Even Successful People Make
  4. Better than Logic: How to Make Your Most Important Decisions 
  5. Thriving Success: How to Experience Fulfillment and Unlock Your Full Potential 
  6. Pivot with Purpose: How to Shift Your Life with Courage and Harmony
  7. Empowered Leadership: How to Thrive through Stressful Times
  8. Resilient Teams: How to Prevent Burnout in Your Organization


Interview Questions For Lisa

  1. Living through various challenging circumstances, you've turned adversity into strength and achieved remarkable success. Could you share some pivotal moments along your journey?
  2. As one of the youngest medical directors during the COVID-19 pandemic, how did your personal transformation contribute to your effectiveness as a leader in navigating the crisis?
  3. After over 15 years of training and practicing as a doctor and medical director, you made a major pivot and left conventional medicine. What caused you to pivot and what are you doing now?
  4. Your expertise and experience uniquely incorporate both medical and alternative modalities and bridge the scientific and spiritual worlds. Please tell us how this came about and why it is important. 
  5. How has your approach of integrating such diverse modalities impacted your clients and their transformation?
  6. What strategies and insights do you have for impact-driven business leaders who are managing a multitude of commitments in their personal and professional life?
  7. Why is clarity of purpose and priorities so important for business leaders and how does it help them make their best decisions?
  8. How can leaders help their people find more balance, peace and fulfillment in their own lives?
  9. In your TEDx talk, you encourage people to trust their intuition and live their truth. Tell us more about this and why it is important.
  10. What are some of the common barriers that prevent people from trusting their intuition and embracing authenticity in their personal and professional lives?
  11. Please share with us your WHY - the purpose and vision driving everything that you do.


Service & Community Impact

Lisa’s deep passion for helping others has always been at the heart of her endeavors. Throughout her life, starting as early as her teenage years, Lisa has dedicated and volunteered her time, energy and expertise to serving the underserved and contributing to the world.

Her service has included countless activities such as running fundraisers for local charities, supporting the unemployed and homeless populations, advocating for immigrant communities, educating children from at-risk neighborhoods and traveling to other countries for global health work.

Lisa’s unwavering commitment and passion for contribution led her to serve the underserved as a Family Physician at an FQHC in the South Bronx. She helped this community navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic by serving as a medical director and running several clinics.

Recognizing the limitations of conventional medicine and feeling called to expand her contribution beyond the local community, Lisa resigned her role as a medical director to create a global impact of her own.


Jessica Woodbeck

Jessica Woodbeck

CEO and Founder of Thrive Realty Co

“Coaching with Dr. Lisa Yeung has made a massive difference in my life. It has been everything I wanted and everything I didn’t know I needed. She is an excellent coach who is able to adapt to whatever you are in need of. She has helped with so much, ranging from improving sleep quality to high level business decisions and truly everything in between. I highly recommend Lisa to people who are in need of finding inner peace, techniques for coping, and unique approaches to all that life delivers.”


Alex Aanderud

Expert in Leadership, Communication & Human Behavior of Human Spectrums Consulting

“Dr. Lisa Yeung stands out as an extraordinary coach and exceptional speaker amongst the many I have had the privilege of working with. Each client I’ve referred to her for coaching has experienced profound breakthroughs and life-altering transformations that, quite frankly, are rare to see in this industry. Each time she has spoken at one of my events, she has left the audience in awe with her insights and wisdom. Her ability to connect, inspire, and guide people to a deeper understanding of themselves is unparalleled, making her a powerful addition to any lineup of speakers.”


Francine Beleyi

Keynote Speaker, Author, Corporate Trainer

“Wow, Dr. Lisa is the total package - a medical doctor, psychologist, and coach who is able to unlock the most unhelpful patterns out of your system. Her integrated method works powerfully both on the conscious and unconscious mind. I would HIGHLY recommend coaching with her…especially if you are feeling stuck and looking to get rid of deep-seated patterns. She will help you get unstuck and get back into flow!”

Eugene Schiff

Eugene Schiff MD MPH

Physician, Clinical Director, Global Health Activist

“Dr. Lisa Yeung has helped me address and tackle challenges that seemed insurmountable before. Her coaching transformed obstacles I had struggled with for years into opportunities. She helped me get unstuck in ways I didn’t know was possible. As a result, I am now a better doctor, parent and partner.”

Copy of Kai_He

Kai He

Business Investor, Entrepreneur, Engineer

“Coaching with Dr. Lisa Yeung has changed my life entirely. I have experienced miraculous changes that never would have been possible without her guidance. I am healthy, happier and have had even more success in business. Most importantly, I have experienced deep healing and inner peace. I am forever grateful for the amazing new person she has helped me transform into and the life she has helped me create. For the first time, I am so in love with myself and my life.”

Jessica Pereira

Jessica Pereira

Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author

“Dr. Lisa Yeung is truly talented at uncovering the root of a problem or challenge and addressing it on a deep level, both consciously and subconsciously. Her coaching uses a variety of modalities, tools and processes that go much deeper than other coaching I’ve experienced. It leads to true transformation and is incredibly powerful and valuable. I definitely recommend working with Lisa, especially if you want to create lasting change in your life.”


Nikki Rineholt

NLP Coach, Personal Trainer, Entrepreneur

“Coaching with Dr. Lisa Yeung has been unbelievably powerful. She has helped me step into the true essence of who I truly am and I’ve never felt better. She uses techniques I’ve never experienced with any other coach. If you want to let go of what’s keeping you stuck and preventing you from living the life you’ve always dreamed of, work with Lisa!”

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